Shea Nut Butter

Shea Nut Butter


Product Description

Our raw, wild-crafted Shea Nut Butter is a wonderful daily skin moisturizer for your face and body. 
Shea Nut Butter is naturally rich in vitamin A, E, and F, each of which soothes rough, dry and chapped skin. It will prevent, as well as heal, sun and wind burns. Stops the advancement of premature wrinkles and facial lines.

- heals skin rashes and eczema
- reduces acne
- softens cracked heels
- prevents stretch marks during pregnancy
- reduces blemishes and scarring
- protects skin exposed to sun and wind
- has natural UV protection

- 100 % plant based
- gluten free
- cruelty free
- sustainably made off grid

unrefined Shea Nut Butter (raw, wild-crafted), rosemary extract* (natural preservative)

Shea Nut Butter can melt in the heat but it does not hurt the product. To bring it back to a solid form, simply put the jar in your fridge for a couple of hours.

Additional benefits (what we leave out of our products)
- NO petroleum based preservatives
- NO synthetics, colors, or emulsifiers
- NO harsh chemicals
- NO alcohols

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