Massage Services


Enjoy complimentary aromatherapy and hot stone massage on focus areas.


Thirty Minute Session

Perfect for focus area work only. Ideal for "in between" longer massage appointments to help keep chronically painful muscles relaxed. Highly beneficial for beginner clients that have little massage experience or post surgical clients in need of healing support.



Sixty Minute Session

Ideal for focus area tension relief or full body relaxation. Perfect for decreasing stress and muscle maintenance. 



Ninety Minute Session

Incorporates full body work plus extra time for areas of chronic tension. Ideal for neglected muscles and recurring pain. Most popular session.


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Two Hour Session

Provides time for full body focus work. Many modalities are used to ultimately release persistent areas of tension. 




New clients receive $15 off their first appointment. Refer a friend and you both receive $15 off!

*Not valid with any other offer for discounted appointment, package deal, or spray tans.


Massage Enhancements


“Paraffin” Wax

We use a paraffin alternative rich in jojoba, coconut, shea butter & vitamin E. This form of heat therapy is beneficial for arthritis or other rheumatic diseases of the hands and feet. The heat helps relax muscles, increase blood flow, and is deeply soothing for pain. 

$10 hands or feet + massage rates

$20 hands and feet + massage rates



Cupping is a form of traditional Chinese therapeutic methods that utilizes suction cups to create negative pressure. The silicon suction cups are placed in strategic locations to loosen muscles, increase blood flow, sedate the nervous system and encourage the energetic flow of Chi.

$10 + massage rates

CBD Salve

Unlike THC, cannabidiol oil (CBD) does not produce a psychoactive effect. CBD proves to be a useful anti-spasmodic, anti-epileptic, and anti-anxiety alternative. Oils high in CBD also have an anti-inflammatory effect that may help reverse certain cases of neuropathy.

$5 + massage rates

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Dry Brushing

Daily dry brushing improves lymphatic and vascular circulation, and supports liver detoxification. It helps your skin absorb nutrients by unclogging pores and rejuvenates your nervous system. The brush is yours to take home.

$20 + massage rates