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Our Products


At Pure Pondera, we hand craft customized hot packs, sugar scrubs, and bath soaking salts. Our personalized hot packs are made in two sizes to best suit your needs. For hip, low back and stomach & menstrual aches we recommend our wide variety- perfect for draping over your mid-body! For necks and shoulders we have our longer pack to rest at the base of your head & around your shoulders. Choose from one of our fun homemade designs! Our sugar scrub is made from 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, organic brown sugar and a fine mixture of apricot & avocado oil. It is the perfect balance of hydrating and exfoliating;  it moisturizes dry skin while removing dead and rough skin. Care to customize your own blend of sugar scrub? Choose an essential oil to be added during production! Our full & new moon bath soaks have been bathed in the energy of each respecting moon. Our new moon blend contains powerful dried floral pieces to aid in your intentions of bringing in what you desire. Our full moon blend, complete with lavender and rose petals, helps recognize what is no longer serving you in order to be released.  When used only at each new and full moon this product can last the year.

Each product we make is made with an intention of love and healing. Let us know if you have any questions!