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1330 Oakridge Drive, Suite 40

| Fort Collins Colorado | 



We are located within the Pediatric Associates building. Please enter the west side garden level entrance on the left of the building. We are down the stairs (or escalator) at the end of the hall.


New clients receive $15 off of your first appointment.

Refer a friend and you BOTH receive $15 off of your next appointment!

*If you have a REFFERAL credit please choose to skip payment so you can receive your $15 off. If you choose not to we will provide you with a $15 gift card to use as you’d like.



Why Pure Pondera?


Our mission is to provide a personalized experience every time you visit with us. We tailor each appointment to meet & support you on your journey to wellness. Choose from any of our complimentary enhancements - hot stones, warmed towels, aromatherapy and our far infrared heated bio-mat, to further individualize your appointment.

We believe our amethyst infused bio-mat is the perfect addition to your massage. as it promotes relaxation & well-being by emitting negative ions. This FDA approved medical device also reduces inflammation, stress and pain through far infrared heat. It is powerfully healing, so we use it with each bodywork appointment at no extra charge.

Here are a few examples of how we provide extreme personalized care: If you came into our session with a current tension headache, we would recommend the perfect balance of cold & hot stone therapy, trigger point, deep tissue and circulating massage combined with lavender or peppermint oil to restrict & open certain blood vessels, promote relaxation & provide tension relief. For clients suffering from current allergies we will enhance your massage with sinus relief pressure points and offer a unique blend of our therapeutic grade essential oils to further clear your sinuses and support your immune & respiratory system. Or, you can choose to receive a standard massage with no complimentary enhancements- you are in control of your session!


As our client, we promise to provide you with exceptional care at every visit. 





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Self care is important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
-Eleanor Brown